TeaFM currently offers a Trademark Licensee Program, which does not dictate on the way you run your business. Additionally, we do not impose restrictions on the type of menu you serve. Furthermore, we do not take any royalty fees from your sales as we believe your sales belong to you 100%.

TeaFM chooses to be a Trademark Licensor because it has many advantages for licensee:

NO Marketing plan or system is prescribed and the licensee is left entirely free to operate the business according to the licensee’s own marketing plan or system. Licensee grants the right to produce and sell TeaFM’s Trade-marked products at the authorized retail location.




Business Model: Trademark License Franchise
Consulting Fee: $0 $2,000-$10,000
Single License Fee: $25,000* One Time Pay Every Year
Multi License Fee: $100,000* One Time Pay Every Year
Annual Renewal Fee: $0 $2,000-$8,000
Monthly Management Fee: NO $800-$1,500
Royalty Fee: NO 5%-15%
Initial Training Fee: NO $3,000- $8,000
Set your own menu: YES NO
Set your own price: YES NO
Set your own design: YES NO
Set your own marketing plan: YES NO
Set your own Use of Manual: YES NO
Product Deposit Fee: NO $10,000- $30,000
Grand Opening Marketing Fee NO $4,500- $10,000
Mandatory Equipment Fee NO $12,000- $28,000
Advertising Fee: NO 2%-5%

*$0 Consulting Fee is for Consulting Service only, It does not grant the right to engage in business or reserve a licensing location or to produce and sell TeaFM’s trade-marked products. *Single Licensing Fee is $25,000 for 1 location. Inquire about Licensing Fee for multiple locations.

How Do I Start?

  • 1. Telephone contact 650-741-5225
  • 2. Applicant and store location evaluation
  • 3. Signing the trademark licensing contract and pay Licensing Fee
  • 4. Drawing the location’s blue print
  • 5. The blue print evaluation by the City Hall
  • 6. Equipment bidding
  • 7. Construction
  • 8. City Hall construction inspection
  • 9. Operations Training
  • 10. Preparations for store opening
  • 11. Store Inspection by the Health Department
  • 12. Final Inspection by Building Department & Fire Department
  • 13. Operation inspection
  • 14. Grand opening

Services Provided by the Corporate Office

  • 1. Store location inspection and assessment.
  • 2. Food and beverage preparation manual (TeaFM’s products only)
  • 3. Marketing and opening promotion suggestions.
  • 4. Instructors from the corporate office will inspect TeaFM’s trade-marked product’s quality and preparation processing on a regular basis.
  • 5. Provide new product information.
  • 6. The raw materials to produce TeaFM’s trade-marked products will be provided by the corporate to guarantee product quality.

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